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A Software Tool for Tracking
and Managing Marine Risers

RiserTrack is a web-based application for proactively managing marine drilling risers deployed around the world. The application gives offshore operators the data and tools to efficiently manage their riser assets.    (See Demo Notes Below)

Riser data can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24/7/365.

Notes for RiserTrack Demo - Not all the links are active.
Select the following menu items.

    (1) Select the About menu item to return to this page.
    (2) Risers / 5.5K Buoyed Joints (Black) / Select Serial Number 244.
    (3) Risers / Summary all Risers.
    (4) Risers / Inspection Required.
    (5) Run / Pull Logs, Select Run / Pull Number 001 or 005.
    (6) Bolts / Nuts, Select Flange Bolts or Flange Nuts.
    (7) Auxiliary Lines / Choke Lines.
    (8) Tools / Run Planner.