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Ashford is the leading provider of business solutions for prepaid CLECs. Nationwide, 21 prepaid CLECs use Ashford's software solutions - and the numbers are growing!

The business of a CLEC is a business of margins - the successful CLEC must be efficient, minimize labor expenses and eliminate costly mistakes. Ashford's software solutions address these issues by eliminating or automating many of the routine and error-prone activities associated with running a prepaid CLEC.

Bottom line - Selecting the Local Service Provider (LSP) Ordering System as your Operations Support System is one of the best decisions you can make for your business.

The LSP Ordering System
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The LSP Ordering System is a full-featured Operations Support System (OSS) developed specifically for prepaid CLECs. The LSP Ordering System can increase your bottom line by:

  • reducing manpower (many CLECs realize a 4 to 1 staff reduction)
  • reducing the time to enter new customer data and process resale orders
  • eliminating customer issues that "fall through the cracks"
  • automating the generation of renewal letters
  • simplifying the generation of sales, commission and sales tax reports
  • using "service packages" to streamline entry of service orders (including potentially costly block codes)
  • simplifying the tracking of customers, orders and payments, and providing comprehensive customer searching capability

The LSP Ordering System also works seamlessly with Ashford's other prepaid CLEC products - Parity, SwiftPay and the BellSouth TAG interface.

BellSouth's Telecommunication Access Gateway (TAG)
for the LSP Ordering System

For LSP Ordering System customers who resell BellSouth's services the TAG software gives the CLEC immediate access to BellSouth's backend systems and databases. The TAG interface works seamlessly with the LSP Ordering System to provide address validation, phone number reservation, customer service records retrieval and submission of resale orders.


Comparing the ILEC's bill to your records can be very time consuming. The Parity software allows LSP Ordering System customers to reconcile their ILEC bill in minutes. Discrepancies and exceptions are highlighted and formatted so reclamation can begin immediately. Reports can be printed for submission to the ILEC for back-up documentation.


SwiftPay is the Western Union program that gives CLEC's a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to handle payments. Ashford's SwiftPay software makes card number generation effortless. Working in conjunction with the LSP Ordering System, Ashford's SwiftPay software generates the file Western Union needs and then tracks the card numbers for each customer. Profitability is increased and resources are better utilized.

BellSouth's Telecommunication Access Gateway
for Other OSS Systems

TAG+ is Ashford's BellSouth TAG solution for prepaid CLECs not using the LSP Ordering Systems. TAG+ can be easily integrated with other commercial or proprietary OSS.

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