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Ashford develops systems for the telecommunications industry. Several recent projects are summarized below.

Verizon Wireless Products - Developed a vending kiosk for selling Verizon Wireless prepaid PIN numbers. The kiosk systems are currently being deployed nationwide. The system includes a full complement of server-side administrative and operational tools.

Web-Based Mobile Phone Applications - Developed infrastructure and applications for shopping, bill payment and web linking using a mobile phone platform. System developed for the Japanese market. Uses a barcode reader as an input device - barcode reader connected to mobile phone via a "smart" cable.

BellSouth's Telecommunications Access Gateway (TAG) - Incorporated TAG into a commercial CLEC Operational Support System. CLECs using the TAG interface have immediate access to BellSouth's back-end systems and databases. Enhanced the TAG interface to support unbundled network services. Ashford recently upgraded the TAG interface to BellSouth's most recent release, Version In March 2002 the upgrade was approved by BellSouth as being complient with their new on-line security authentication standard.   More info....

CLEC Operational Support System (OSS) - Developed a full-feature OSS system for the prepaid CLEC market. 21 CLECs nationwide are currently using the system.   More info....

CLEC Billing Analysis System - Developed a system for analyzing CLEC billing for the BellSouth market. The system identifies over billing by BellSouth and lost revenue due to incorrect or untimely customer billing by the CLEC.   More info....

Telecommunication Services Gateway - Developed a system for interfacing different vendors and service providers within the telecommunications industry. This system interfaces with cellular switches, with credit providers such as TransUnion and with providers of telephone hardware, to name a few.

Cellular Billing Automation - Developed a system that automates the production of bills for the cellular industry. The system was developed for one of the largest vendors of billing services to the telecommunications industry.

Cellular Service Billing Resolution - Developed a system for cellular service providers to match their customer database with the cellular switch database.

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