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Web-based Engineering Tools

Over the years Ashford has developed a number of engineering analysis tools. In recent years most of these tools have been implemented as web-based applications. Four of the recently develop tools are summarized below.

Drilling Rig and BOP Monitoring - Rig Watcher™ is a web-based application for remotely monitoring both current and historical BOP information - anytime, anywhere: on the rig, in the office, at home, on the road. Offshore operator can use the application to generate valve cycle information for preventive maintenance, to evaluate operational procedures using historical BOP control information and to monitor fleet-wide BOP control information with on-shore personnel. Go to

Marine Drilling Risers - RiserTrack™ is a web-based application for proactively managing marine drillling risers deployed around the world. The application gives offshore operators the data and tools to efficiently manage their riser assets. Riser data can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24/7/365. View a demo version of RiserTrack.

Seal-Finder and Quote Generator - A web-based tool for sizing a line of pipe sealing product - Link-Seal modular seals from PSI. The site determines the optimal product configuration. Customer quotes can be prepared automatically on line.

Petrochemical Analysis Web Site - A proprietary web site for designing vapor-liquid separation towers.

Web-Based Mobile Phone Applications - An infrastructure and applications for shopping, bill payment and web linking using a mobile phone platform. System developed for the Japanese market. Uses a barcode reader as an input device - barcode reader connected to mobile phone via a "smart" cable.

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